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Fear of trying new ideas

Organizations today need people to expand their thinking, not narrow it. But often fear stops promising ideas from being heard. Thinking gets stuck in a rut. People stop bringing enthusiasm to work. The organization becomes less intelligent and adaptable.


Build a playful, innovative spirit with The FISH! Philosophy

The opposite of Play isn’t work—it’s depression. Research shows a playful spirit fuels an enthused, creative workforce. It reduces stress, which impairs clear thinking, and builds a positive energy that increases productivity and delights customers. People feel safe to “play” with ideas that move the organization forward.

If you’re looking to improve innovation & play, consider this:

“. . . those who experience fun activities . . . are significantly more likely to have higher levels of creativity, which in turn is positively associated with higher levels of psychological wellbeing.”

Bright HR Study: It Pays to Play

“Fun, creativity, and humor can have a positive effect which can reduce absenteeism, retain high-quality people, and reduce employee turnover.”

A Study on the Relationship Between Fun at Work and Work Engagement

The Fish! Philosophy can help you create the change you are looking for.

“Play is about creativity, and creativity is innovation. We use that play mentality to think of new ways to approach things, to stretch our staff and our own ways of thinking about doing things.”

– Dr. Nick Holekamp, Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital
“We try to ask a question: ‘What would we be willing to do if we knew we couldn’t fail?’ And people said, ‘I’d try this or I’d do this!’ And the energy just naturally started to happen.”
– Rob Gregory, owner, Rochester Motor Cars

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