The FISH! Philosophy’s Impact

Like a house on a solid foundation, every successful organization needs a healthy culture.
The FISH! Philosophy gives you tools to build it.

When coworkers make a commitment to be there for each other, trust grows and teamwork improves. When they make each other’s day with simple gestures of recognition and thanks, people feel valued. When people bring a playful state of mind to work, it releases energy and enthusiasm. When everyone, leaders included, takes responsibility for the attitudes they choose, the team spends less time on unproductive behaviors and more time working for a common goal.

Retention & Recruitment

Positive, supportive workplaces retain valued employees and attract great candidates. The FISH! Philosophy builds a culture people want to be part of.

Customer Service

Customers love being served by people who love what they do. The FISH! Philosophy helps you “wow” customers by serving in a way that’s distinctive and authentic.

Engagement & Morale

Polls show most people are not engaged in their work. The FISH! Philosophy inspires and empowers people to bring all of their gifts and talents to work.

Teamwork & Trust

The key to great teams is how they treat each other. The FISH! Philosophy helps you break down silos and build trust with the teammates who need you.

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