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ChartHouse Learning is the Official Home of The FISH! Philosophy.

For more than 50 years, ChartHouse Learning has produced films that inspire the human spirit.

Today, whether the message is delivered by video, book or speaker, our mission is to help people live successfully and joyfully in all parts of their lives, especially the major portion they spend at work.

ChartHouse Learning was founded by Ray Christensen, a documentary filmmaker. Ray’s films had one thing in common: They inspired people to see the usual in unexpected ways. In the 1980s he worked with futurist Joel Barker on a groundbreaking film, The Business of Paradigms, which became one of the best-selling training films ever.

Searching for a Model of Excellence

Ray’s son, John, assumed leadership of ChartHouse Learning in 1998. John was fascinated by people who loved their work. One day in Seattle, he encountered a large crowd surrounding a little fish market. The fishmongers were throwing fish to one another, but more important, they were throwing themselves into their work with energy and enthusiasm. John was hypnotized; he also noticed the market sold a lot of fish.

“I wanted what the fishmongers had,” John recalls. “I wanted to inspire people to work wholeheartedly, with purpose, while having fun. I saw how this passion leads to excellence.”

John’s visit inspired him to make the video FISH!, which became a global phenomenon. Today ChartHouse Learning is the official home of the FISH! Philosophy, offering a family of FISH! Philosophy learning products for people who want to build more effective teams and organizations.

John Christensen

 Client Success Stories

Improved employee retention rate by 25% within the first year!

98% increase in customer satisfaction scores.

Steadily increasing employee satisfaction (10-15 percent increase).

Teacher of the Year

ChartHouse Learning programs have a way of moving people toward positive action in their lives.

– Gale Frazee, General Motors

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