FISH! for Education

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The FISH! Philosophy provides a powerful framework for transforming the culture of educational institutions. By prioritizing engagement, creativity, and collaboration, educators can create a more inspiring and effective learning environment for students and teachers alike. The result is a more positive and fulfilling educational experience for everyone involved.

Need to Improve School Morale?

Are your teachers struggling to engage students or promote a positive learning culture? When classroom morale is low, schools experience an increase in:

  • Bullying
  • Disruptive Classroom Behavior
  • Poor Academic Performance

Ready to Inspire Leadership in Education?

Looking for strategies on how to empower your teachers to work together and make the classroom a place where students love to be? A lack of leadership in education can result in:

  • Low School Morale
  • Less Student Engagement
  • Reduced Staff Collaboration

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From creative workshops on school leadership training to in-person motivational education speakers, learn how to reignite enthusiasm for active learning and positive behavior, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Increased School Morale

When teachers appreciate one another, they become more unified, collaborative, and creative, and this behavior is then imitated by their students.

Positive Classroom Behavior

Students who use FISH! know how good it feels to care about others, which causes bullying to decrease, as students build positive social skills for lifetime learning.

Engaged, Higher Learning

FISH! helps teachers create a culture where students feel safe, work together, and step outside their comfort zones to achieve personal success.

Proactive School Culture

Using FISH!, your school can nurture an atmosphere where students, staff, and parents feel welcomed and committed to making their community a better place to live and play.

4 Simple Practices. Amazing Results.

Be There

  • Be aware of others’ needs

  • Turn off electronics and email

  • Listen to understand

  • Clear your mind of judgment

  • Be emotionally present


  • Use Humor to make people feel included

  • Invite (Not Demand) staff to join in fun activities

  • Know your team’s boundaries

  • Experiment with new ideas to improve results

  • See mistakes as an opportunity to learn

Make Their Day

  • Write a thank you note

  • “Catch” coworkers doing good things

  • Encourage a colleague

  • Take that extra step customers don’t expect

  • Celebrate success

Choose Your Attitude

  • Write your attitude as a reminder

  • Check your attitude throughout the day

  • Plan ahead for situations that test your attitude

  • List what you’re grateful for

  • Look for the best (you’ll find it everywhere)

FISH! in Education

Steadily increasing employee satisfaction (10-15 percent increase).

FISH! is a Way of Life

Teacher of the Year

A Note From “The Sappy One”

“Our staff really has taken FISH! to heart. The attitude and climate throughout the school is upbeat and positive.”

- Judith Miller, Superintendent, North East School District

“FISH! allows classmates to “be there” for each other. The whole class takes responsibility for one another, not just the teacher! In the concepts of FISH! there is joy, passion, and love for learning!”

- Amy Amsden, Teacher, Gage Elementary School

“The FISH! Philosophy is a tool I can use in any school. It works.”

- Candace Call, Principal, Loflin Elementary School
“FISH! has made everything so much easier. This has been one of the best years of teaching I’ve had.”
- Barb Stoflet, Teacher, Gatewood Elementary School (winner of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching)
“I am a teacher at an elementary school in the Seattle area. For the past 5 years, our staff has adopted your FISH! Philosophy. In the recent years, we have seen huge improvements in the culture of our school. We have received a number of awards for low-income students producing high test scores. A lot of the success we have encountered we attribute to the change in “philosophy” at our school.”
- Alison Hilton
“FISH! For Schools in San Bruno has been an influencing factor in improving relationships between students & teachers, between all categories of staff, and between families and staff. Time and commitment will reveal our ability to be “world famous”, but we try…one day at a time”
- David, San Bruno Park School District

Creating Opportunities for Leadership in Education

Educators have the power to unleash each student’s full potential and build a culture that supports teamwork, creativity, and higher learning. With the help of our experienced education speakers, you can master the steps to make a difference in your student’s educational journey and equip them with effective tools, as they enter into the real world.

FISH! For Schools is the #1 school culture improvement program!