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Disengaged Employees

Gallup says 70% of people are not engaged at work. The result? Productivity plunges. Absenteeism and turnover soar. It’s costing us up to half a Trillion Dollars ($500,000,000,000) a year.

Quiet Quitting

Fully 80% of employees report they would look for another job after just one bad day at work. That attitude leads to resentment, bad morale, and lower revenue. It can spread through an organization like cancer.

Retention Trouble

At least 50% of employee turnover comes from burnout. People have needs beyond a salary. If those needs aren’t met, they’re likely to leave for another job, which is costly.


Discover how to build a culture where your team can excel. In Business, Education, Healthcare, or Government. Over 100,000 FISH! Philosophy fans can’t be wrong.

The FISH! Philosophy helps:

  • Build trust and teamwork in your culture
  • Increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity
  • Avoid awful reviews on Glassdoor and Google

Where to Start


Build a culture that improves morale and engagement, teamwork, customer service and employee retention.


Provide a compassionate, respectful patient experience, delivered by staff that lives your mission and values.


Create positive, cooperative classrooms, allowing teachers and students to focus on learning.


Create a culture that can empower your team to feel engaged in their work and reduce employee turnover.

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