Lessons from ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’

Published On: April 1, 2024Categories: Blog

Conquer Drama by Choosing Your Attitude

Ever experienced a day like Alexander’s from the classic children’s book – where everything seems to go wrong from the moment you wake up? We all have! While occasional drama and negativity are part of life, it doesn’t mean we’re powerless against them. Your attitude plays a crucial role in shaping your interactions and overall day.

Transform Your Days: The Power of Positive Attitude

Here’s the exciting part: you can choose to start each day with optimism and eagerness for new opportunities. Although not foolproof, adopting a positive attitude can significantly enhance your life. Let’s dive into four practical ways to make this choice:

Mindfulness: The First Step to a Positive Day

Start your morning with a quick self-check. Assess how you’re feeling physically and emotionally. Recognizing your current state of mind empowers you to decide how you want to feel moving forward.

Prepare for Challenges: Anticipate and Adapt

Emotional reactions are natural, but preparing for foreseeable challenges can help you maintain your chosen attitude. If a tough meeting or deadline is on the horizon, plan your emotional response in advance. This prep work makes it easier to tackle stress with the attitude you desire.

Curiosity: A Positive Spin on Every Situation

Negative reactions often stem from a lack of understanding. Adopting a curious mindset helps you approach situations more positively. Embrace the FISH! Philosophy’s Play pillar: collaborate with new colleagues, consider fresh ideas, and keep an open mind.

Visualize Success: The Power of Positive Thinking

Manifesting has become a buzzword, but there’s truth in using visualization to shape your emotional state. Before tackling a challenging task, imagine a successful outcome. This mental practice can shift your attitude from stress to positivity.

Choose Your Attitude: A Vital FISH! Philosophy Pillar

Choosing your attitude is a key component of the FISH! Philosophy. It not only enhances your own day but also positively impacts your workplace and colleagues. Remember, this pillar works hand-in-hand with the other three: Be There, Make Their Day, and Play.

Reflection Points:

  • Do you take a moment each morning to assess how you’re feeling? Try incorporating this into your routine.
  • How do you prepare emotionally for stressful situations? Do you align your strategies with your values?
  • Reflect on how choosing your attitude influences your practice of the other FISH! Philosophy pillars.

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