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Published On: April 15, 2024Categories: Blog

In the bustling rhythm of the modern workplace, finding moments to step away from the screens and stretch our legs can be a rarity. Yet, there’s an incredibly simple, profoundly effective tool for boosting your workday that might just be hiding in plain sight. Taking a walk with a coworker isn’t just a way to fit some exercise into your day—it’s a strategic move that can foster better relationships, enhance creativity, and even improve your overall job satisfaction.

Being There: Strengthening Connections on the Go

“Being There” is about being emotionally present for people. It’s about supporting your colleagues not just in the context of work tasks but in the broader, more human aspects of daily life. Walking with a coworker pulls you away from digital distractions and office formalities, creating a unique space for undivided attention and authentic connection. This informal setting reduces barriers, encourages open dialogue, and deepens trust, making it easier to engage in meaningful conversations without the pressure of an office environment.

Choose Your Attitude: A Walk to Reset and Reenergize

A walk is a chance to reset your mindset and approach the rest of the day with a renewed, positive outlook. The physical movement, change of scenery, and break from routine work together to help you return to your desk with a healthier, more constructive attitude, ready to tackle challenges with a smile. You also might find an opportunity to help your coworker turn a bad day around, or they might do the same for you!

Make Their Day: Sharing the Path

Walking with someone can turn an ordinary day into something special. It’s an opportunity to make a colleague’s day through simple acts of kindness, like listening attentively, sharing a laugh, or offering encouragement. These moments not only enhance your relationships but also contribute to a supportive, friendly office culture where everyone feels valued and understood.

Play: Sparking Creativity with Every Step

Going for a walk injects a sense of lightness and fun into your day. Moving around playfully sparks creativity, helping you and your walking partner come up with fresh ideas and perspectives that might seem elusive in more formal settings. Stanford University research highlights that walking increases creative output by an average of 60%, validating that playful activities like walking can significantly boost intellectual performance.

Incorporating Walks into Your Work Routine

To weave these principles into the fabric of your workday, consider these ideas:

  • Schedule Walking Meetings: Instead of sitting through another conference room meeting, propose a walking meeting for smaller groups or one-on-one discussions.
  • Encourage Regular Walk Breaks: Promote regular walk breaks to help colleagues disconnect, refresh, and engage. It’s a fantastic way to practice ‘Being There’ and ‘Choose Your Attitude.’
  • Organize Group Walks: Foster a sense of community and team spirit by organizing walk groups. This not only supports physical health but also builds a culture of inclusivity and mutual support.

In essence, taking a walk with a coworker leverages the full spectrum of the FISH! Philosophy, transforming a simple activity into a powerful tool for enhancing workplace culture. It’s an investment in your health, your relationships, and your overall job satisfaction. Why not make the best meeting of the week one that gets you up and moving? Step out, be present, and enjoy the journey together.

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