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Organizations that achieve the most success with FISH! point to three requirements for their success:

  • A powerful FISH! introduction that gets people excited and invested.
  • Continuing conversations that reinforce The FISH! Philosophy and make it part of “the way we do things around here.”
  • Leadership that models the FISH! Philosophy in its own behavior.

The FISH! Business Solution delivers each of these essential ingredients, including:

  • FISH!, the original video that helps people see new possibilities at work. 
  • FISH! Trainer Tools, which shows, step by step, how to put on a “World Famous” FISH! training event.
  • FISH! Culture, nine additional videos and resources to strengthen commitment and sustain momentum.
  • FISH! For Leaders, a six-unit video course to help leaders be aware of their impact, build strong relationships and inspire their teams to excel. 

The FISH! Business Solution offers savings of almost $1300 vs. purchasing the programs separately. It’s the ultimate FISH! culture transformation resource.

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The FISH! Business Solution includes:

  • 1 FISH! DVD (we also offer On-Demand video options)
  • 1 FISH! Culture (FISH! Culture DVD, FISH! Culture Facilitator’s Guide, FISH! Culture Personal Workbook, FISH! Culture Audio CD)
  • 1 FISH! Trainer Tools (includes Trainer Tools Facilitator’s Guide, Trainer Tools Facilitator Examples DVD, Trainer Tools Event and Sustainability CD, FISH! Participant Workbook, a set of Choose Your Attitude Cards, a set of Let’s Make a Day Cards, a set of Conversation Cards)
  • 1 FISH! For Leaders Series Collection (includes 6 FISH! For Leaders DVDs, each DVD includes downloadable facilitator’s guide with discussion questions, PowerPoint slides and assessment tool. Each DVD also includes 1 Participant Workbook)
  • Sample Bundle (1 Pete the Perch, 1 FISH! Pen, 1 Our Workplace Poster)

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