Success Story

Learn how Missouri Baptist Medical Center used The FISH! Philosophy to help to nearly double patient satisfaction!

Missouri Baptist Medical Center

Missouri Baptist Medical Center is a full-service, 489 bed healthcare facility located in St. Louis, Missouri and is part of BJC HealthCare.


Lack of teamwork and consistently low patient satisfaction scores.


  1. Improve teamwork.
  2. Raise patient satisfaction scores.
  3. Attract and retain high performing employees.

FISH! Approach

  • Introduce the practices of The FISH! Philosophy to staff.

  • Create an ongoing reward and recognition program designed to help employees recognize each other for living into the practices of The FISH! Philosophy.

  • Encourage teams to meet regularly to keep FISH! alive in their conversations and ways of thinking.

  • Invite leadership to embrace and live The FISH! Philosophy.


Before the introduction of FISH!, surveys were conducted to benchmark patient satisfaction levels and staff attitudes. Patient satisfaction raised from below 50% to over 90%, and in most cases staff attitude also raised 50%.

“These numbers support the belief that when people have fun in their jobs they are motivated to do their best,” Bommarito says. “We all have the power to choose our attitude and make a difference. Sometimes we just need to know it’s OK do to so.”

– Shari Bommarito, Clinical Nurse Educator

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