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Learn how The FISH! Philosophy helped create double-digit growth and record retention rates for this fast-serve retail outlet.

Jamba Juice

Fast-serve retail outlets in hundreds of stores from New York to Hawaii serving powerful positive energy through nutritious, delicious foods and a vibrant, vital culture.


Jamba Juice is in a fast-growth mode in a highly competitive sector. It relies on a lot of younger employees who haven’t had a lot of coaching or seasoning in business. And the company is trying to get everyone focused on the same picture while training and motivating individuals on their specific contributions to overarching corporate growth strategies.


Use FISH! to drive many objectives and balanced results tied to people, product, profit, pride and consistent delivery of all of the above.

FISH! Approach

Generated Small-group Energy by starting small FISH! fires in each individual store which averages about 150 square feet.

Fresh FISH! Experiences

  • Meshed FISH! with internal Jamba Juice program dubbed “FIBRE”: Fun, Integrity, Balance, Respect, Empowerment.

  • Held contests for competing stores with best customer-service FISH! stories.
  • Spread the word through company intranet site and newsletters.


  • Double-digit growth in many stores … one of which recorded such growth three years straight so manager was awarded a new Audi.
  • Record retention rates during first four years of FISH!
  • FISH! terms have become a common language: they’re part of employees’ regular communication with one another.
  • FISH! evolved into a platform and strategy to support rapid internal promotion of emerging talent.

“When one of our employees got sick, for example, her co-workers picked up her extra shifts so she could keep getting paid, then gave her the $200 their store eared for winning the company’s best FISH! story for helping her out in the first place! Before FISH!, I’m not sure we would’ve been there as much for each other.”

– Mark Eddy, Director of Operations

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