Play, Trust, and Creativity: Three Surefire Steps To Success

Published On: September 17, 2015Categories: Blog

Our own Propellergirl Deena Ebbert, FISH! Presenter Extraordinaire, shares some wisdom she has gleaned from speaking to audiences around the globe:

The FISH! Philosophy sparks innovative conversations in businesses and communities around the world. One of my favorites, from FISH! Culture, examines the powerful combination of play, trust, and creativity for establishing a winning mindset and a reliable methodology for facing down the fear of failure.


“What would we be willing to do, if we knew we could not fail?”
It’s an expansive question worth examining. Play allows us to suspend disbelief and is an essential ingredient in breaking down barriers built over time out of worst-case scenario thinking. In play we rewire our brains and ready ourselves through curiosity and collaboration, we reposition our perspective and reveal surprising possibilities.
Imagination is the first step in fostering success. Make a bucket-list of what wonderful things we’d be willing to do.

“What is failing?”
The notion of failure registers a unique response in each of us, ranging from reluctance and indecision to isolation and anger. Why? Because failure is a fuzzy concept. We fear failure, looming in the murky gloom of the unknown, mostly because we can’t define it.
In groups, fear unspoken can be paralyzing. Conversation is vital in establishing shared understanding and confident expectations.
Take the fear out of failure. Talk about it. Get clear by classifying and naming it, then kick it to the curb.
“What is failing? We redefined it. The only way you can fail in life is if you quit.”
Faced with the secure prospect of success, people become empowered. Energy naturally expands and the fear of failure diminishes.
Fearlessness is the second step in forging success. Commit to a goal and trust the power of trying.

“All of the sudden… it was just like BOOM! I could try anything then, ‘cause I won’t quit!”
What would you try, if you knew you could not fail? Would you rekindle a friendship? Take on a triathlon? Would you smile at the next person in the checkout line? Bring your brave idea to the boardroom? Would you reach out your hand to a coworker, say hello in the hallway, or break down a longstanding silo?
Productive focus on making a difference is the third step in finding success. Learn from what works, let go of what doesn’t, and keep on.

FISH! is the language of engaged living; at work, at home, in our communities, with our families. Catch the energy, release the potential, and let me know where you go!

Deena Ebbert
Deena EbbertInternational Brand Ambassador of The FISH! Philosophy

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