Organizational Culture Puts the “Care” in Healthcare

Published On: November 28, 2022Categories: Blog

On the surface, most hospitals more or less look the same, don’t they? And yet, somehow they just feel different, whether from hospital to hospital or even just ward to ward. Think about that a little bit: even two hospitals with the same sterile walls and chaotic hustle-bustle can feel entirely distinct from each other, just based on the vibes you get from the staff attending to your care.

Are the nurses and doctors walking around tensely, taking down every measurement just right but leaving you feeling cold, in the dark, or not quite cared for? Or are they doing that same accurate medical work, but with a sense of human connection and genuine joyfulness that not only makes you feel like you’re in safe hands, but brightens your spirits and pushes you to keep moving forward towards recovery? That’s the difference that organizational culture can bring to even the most otherwise-competent healthcare facility.

The FISH! Philosophy and Healthcare

The FISH! Philosophy has been used to great effect in the healthcare industry, with each of its 4 fundamental components offering ways to ensure that the facility’s culture separates it from the rest of the pack in the best way possible by pushing hospital staff to see beyond charts and procedures and build a true understanding of what it means to provide compassionate care.

It starts with nurses and doctors that know they need to Be There for their patients, showing up to help in whatever way is necessary, even (and especially) during the times when that human connection can be tough to make. They cut through the fear and uncertainty inherent in a hospital setting and come up with ways to Make Their Day with an unexpected positive impact. They understand that a hospital is a serious place and find opportunities to Play with kids and adults alike.

Lastly, these incredible professionals Choose Their Attitude every day. Even though healthcare workers have gone through a particularly difficult couple of years, the best still show up every day for a reason–they start each day with a renewed understanding of why they chose this noble and heroic profession in the first place.

Improving Your Culture with FISH!

FISH! encourages active and attentive listening, creative problem-solving, and true leadership building, and a FISH! culture can be the difference between a hospital you go out of your way to visit and a hospital that lands on your “don’t take me here unless it’s a true emergency” list. But the FISH! Philosophy isn’t just for healthcare workers: organizations in the healthcare industry, education system, or any type of business can find benefit in a simple and effective solution to empower your team, engage your workers, and inspire genuine customer service and care.

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