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By using FISH!, your company can improve employee retention, customer service, and revenue—starting from the ground up! No matter the size of your team, FISH!’s proven approach ensures success on every organizational level.

Improved retention rate within Sprint’s first year of implementing FISH!
Increase in customer satisfaction within Rochester Motor Cars’ first 60 days of using FISH!
Increase in overall employee productivity for Citizens First Bank within first year of using FISH!

Learn how we helped Verizon Wireless co-create a dynamic employee culture within their call centers. Read this and Other FISH!

Need to Improve Employee Retention?

Is your business struggling with high employee turnover? Having a strong company culture can empower your team to feel fully engaged in their work and reduce:

  • Employee Turnover
  • Poor Team Engagement
  • Bad Customer Experience

Ready to Improve your Company’s Culture?

Learn effective strategies and find solutions that will reenergize your team and help you nurture a strong corporate culture that eliminates the challenges of:

  • Low Team Morale
  • Poor Profit Margins
  • Lack of Company Vision

Empower Your Team for Success with Fish!

More than a culture program, FISH! offers simple, yet effective strategies that allow you to focus on establishing core values that inspire your team, increase retention and customer satisfaction, and improve sales margins.

Company Revenue

FISH! can help you increase company profits by improving customer service, employee retention, and servant leadership.

Team Management

Build trust among your teammates and nurture a company culture that values creative problem solving and engagement.

Customer Service

When employees feel respected and empowered, your customers enjoy the benefits of a happy, unified workforce.

Employee Morale

FISH! is more than a business training program, it’s a lifestyle that inspires professional and personal success.

Jumpstart your brand into a healthy, sustainable environment with Fish!

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Create an Extraordinary Workplace Environment.

Whether you work in the office headquarters, on the manufacturing floor, or in a retail space, FISH! gives you foundational tools that inspire your leaders and empower your team to work together to build and foster a creative culture.

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“When there is a separation between office and manufacturing, Fish! functions as a vehicle that breaks down the walls dividing your teams, creating an honest, interactive work environment.”

– Doug Schnell, Director of Coffee Operations, Death Wish Coffee

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